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Producer: Addmaster
Polymer type Masterbatch

Addmaster introduces the product Scentmaster which has a wide range of fragrances and deodorizers available. Scentmaster is a masterbatch and supplied in pellet form.

Scentmaster is cost-effective and appealing material to include in your product due to its high concentration of fragrance.

There are many popular choices of fragrance additives such as Green Apple, Lemon, Orange, Strawberry, Pine, Raspberry, and Peach. There are also other fun fragrances available such as Christmas tree and bubblegum fragrances. However, there is also a possibility to create your own fragrance for each product or application.

General info

Due to Scentmaster additive’s technology, it is possible to create realistic flavors and fragrances for your products. It will enhance your product, making it unique.

If you wish to add new fragrance or eliminate an unwanted odor, Scentmaster is the solution.

Scentmaster Technology

Choose your flavors, fragrances or odor-repellent to be added in your product range.

Scentmaster Technology will ensure a high-quality fragrance is suitable for your scented or flavored plastics.

During polymer processing, an elevated temperature may destroy or lessen the efficiency of fragrance. This may lead to unsatisfied results. However, if you choose Scentmaster, the fragrances are protected. This helps your fragrance to be protected and remains fresh.

How Scentmaster Works

There are four main methods of Scentmaster Technology

  • Durable and high concentrated fragrances
  • Refreshing benefits to eliminate odors
  • Durable flavors available from wide range of additives
  • Blocking odors


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Powerful fragrance technology

Variety of flavors, scents, and odor-repellent from Scentmaster additives.

Effective scent marketing

When we scent a familiar smell, it can evoke emotions recalling our memories. This may influence our behaviors.

Hence, implementing scent marketing methods into your products will add unique value to your products and create brand loyalty with personalized fragrances.

Why Scentmaster is different

The flavors and fragrances are distinctively manufactured to create high concentration.

There are wide selections of available scents to select such as chocolate, apple, cherry, oranges and more. You may also personalize your own fragrance.

The additives are applied during the extrusion & molding process. The addition rate is typically at 1% or lower by weight. It provides a high-quality fragrance. It is cost-effective for your product to stand out uniquely in the competitive marketplace.

Scentmaster is ideal for:

  • Storage or Garbage bin to mask an unwanted odor.
  • Scented & flavored food packaging for beverage, food, and consumer products
  • Chew toys for your pets and/or agricultural animals
  • Products that are educational for multi-sensory playrooms or environments

Scentmaster has fragrances and flavors that are food contact approved.

How Scentmaster is added

They are ideal for film and molded applications such as Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA).

The Scentmaster additives that are added in the manufacturing process guarantees that all the flavor or fragrance is protected and remains for extended times. The fragrance and flavor also stay the same at 200°C. The best results are when the Scentmaster is produced at the lower temperature.

How long is Scentmaster effective for?

The reusable finished product (kept in secondary or resealable packaging) can last for many years.

However, if the finished product is exposed to an open environment, its flavors or fragrance will last only up to 8 weeks or less.

Are there any other regulations or approvals required?

We have to take the application into consideration. It depends on the application since Addmaster may have to certify that the Scentmaster flavor or fragrance has certain properties. For instance, the application used for skin contact or in toys will need an allergen-free approval.


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