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Natural Rubber and Natural Rubber Latex

Producer: Natural Rubber
Polymer type Natural Rubber

Resinex started natural rubber and natural rubber latex distribution in 2004 and since then has developed into the preeminent natural rubber and latex distributor in Europe.

General info

By utilising Resinex’s existing infrastructure of regional sales offices in all European countries, the centralised order handling and logistics systems and group financing Resinex has been able to seamlessly integrate a comprehensive range of natural rubber and latex origins and grades into the Resinex rubber product portfolio.

The Resinex natural rubber personnel have an average of more than 20 years experience in dealing directly with customers and suppliers and acting as the bridge between producer and consumer. This experience has helped Resinex customers develop and adapt with the changing profile of natural rubber producers introducing producers from established natural rubber countries as well as new producers from recently developing countries such as Vietnam.

Resinex sources rubber directly from producers in all the main producing countries including:

  • Asia – Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea
  • Africa – Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Nigeria, Gabon and Congo

Natural Rubber is used in a wide range of applications including tyres, conveyor belting, hoses, adhesives, adhesive tapes, anti-vibration components and other industrial components.


Resinex distributes a comprehensive range of natural rubber and natural rubber latex grades including both traditional visually graded types as well as technically specified rubbers.

Technically Specified Rubbers:

  • CV’s – standard constant viscosity grades CV40, CV50 and CV60 as well as more restricted grades CV58 +/-3
  • L grades – including L, 3L and 5L, and reduced Lovibond
  • 5, GP, 10CV and peptised 10s – enhanced cup lump or field coagulum grades
  • 10’s and 20’s – volume wise the larger sector of natural rubber production

Visually Graded Types:

  • Ribbed Smoked Sheets – grades from 1 to 5 available
  • Air Dried Sheets – standard and extra light
  • Pale Crepes – both thick and thin
  • Brown Crepes

Speciality Grades:

  • Superior Processing – SP rubbers 40 and 50, partially pre-vulcanised grades
  • Processing Aids – PA rubbers 57 and 80, partially pre-vulcanised grades
  • Epoxidised Natural Rubber – ENR or Epoxyprene a chemically modified natural rubber

Natural Rubber Latex Grades:

  • High Ammonia latex – 60% Dry Rubber Content, centrifuged natural rubber latex
  • Low Ammonia latex – Reduced ammonia content with TMTD added to enhance preservation, 60% Dry Rubber Content, centrifuged natural rubber latex
Standard Malaysian Rubber (SMR) Specification Scheme – mandatory from October 1st 1991
Dirt retained on 44µ aperture (max, %wt)
Ash content (max, %wt)
Nitrogen (max, %wt)
Volatile matter (max, %wt)
Wallace rapid plasticity (Po) (min) - - 3530 - - 30 - 30
Plasticity retention index (PRI) (min, %)b606060605050504040
Lovibond colour - individual value (max) / range (max) - - 6.0 / 2.0 - - - - - -
Mooney viscosity ML(1'+ 4') 100°Cb60 (+/-5)50 (+/-5) - -65 (+/-5)c -c -
CuredRRR - R R -R -
Colour coding markerblackblacklight greenlight greenbluemagentabrownyellowred
Plastic wrap colourtransparenttransparenttransparenttransparenttransparenttransparenttransparenttransparenttransparent
Plastic strip colourorangeorangetransparentopaque whiteopaque whiteopaque whiteopaque whiteopaque whiteopaque white

a - Two sub-grades of SMR 5 are SMR 5RSS and SMR 5ADS which are prepared by direct baling of ribbed smoked sheet and air-dried sheet (ADS), respectively.
b - Special producer limits and related controls are also imposed by RRIM to provide additional safeguard.
c - The Mooney viscosities of SMR 10CV and SMR 20CV are, at present, not of specification status. They are, however, controlled at the producer end to 60 (+/-5) for SMR 10CV and 65 (+/-5) for SMR 20CV.
d - Rheograph and cure test data (delta torque, optimum cure time and scorch) are provided.