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Producer: LG Chem
Polymer type ABS

South Korean producer LG Chem is one of the world leaders in ABS production. A majority of LG ABS is made by the emulsion process giving an excellent high gloss material.

Beside their numerous standard grades, LG Chem has a very broad portfolio with many speciality grades. LG Chem is very experienced in colour matching and delivering consistent coloured material all over the world.

General info

LG ABS and LG ASA offers:

  • Rigid and hard material
  • Good toughness
  • High quality surface finish
  • Excellent gloss
  • Easy processing
  • Excellent colour matching
  • Good UV resistance (LG ASA)

Typical LG ABS and LG ASA applications

Housings for appliances like LCD TV, printers, copiers, computers, sheets and rods, safety helmets, sanitary parts, automotive light covers (ASA), automotive grills (ASA) etc.


LG ABS and LG ASA Portfolio

The LG ABS portfolio consist of standards grades with different flow, impact, gloss, transparency, UV resistance, paintability, anti-static properties and chemical resistance. Also many speciality grades are available like anti-scratch resistant grades, blow moulding grades, low gloss grades, grades for metal plating, heat-resistant grades, flame retardant grades and transparent grades.

LG ASA grades are available with a different flow rate for injection moulding and extrusion. Heat resistant LG ASA is also available.

Some LG Chem grades are:

  • LG ABS HI121H, an ABS with high flow and high stiffness
  • LG ABS HF380P, an ABS with high flow and good paintability
  • LG ABS AP163, an ABS for injection moulding with permanent anti-static
  • LG ABS XG568, an ABS with high scratch resistance, high gloss and high flow
  • LG ABS RS 650, an ABS suitable for extrusion
  • LG ABS BM662B, an ABS suitable for blow moulding with high heat resistance
  • LG ABS MP220, an ABS with high adhesion for metal plating
  • LG ABS AF312c, a flame retardant ABS for injection moulding
  • LG ABS TR558A, a transparent ABS
  • LG ASA LI912, a general purpose ASA with good weather resistance


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