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Producer: Dow
Polymer type LLD PE

DOWLEX® Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) deliver higher performance and process ability and have a wide variety of applications in blown and cast film, multi-layer, double bubble, extrusion coatings, injection moulding, pipes and rotomoulding.

In addition, they have become a material of choice for hot and cold water pipes, floor heating pipes (PE-RT), membranes, and other durable goods.

General info

DOWLEX® LLDPE has been a break trough in the plastics industry. After the introduction in the US in 1978, sales also started in 1980 in Europe. The first European plant started in 1982 in Terneuzen/NL. During the 1980 decade the dynamic and success in the markets where so big that till today two other plants in Schkopau/DE and Tarragona/ES followed.

Meanwhile DOWLEX® Polyethylene is one of the leading LLDPE products in Europe and in several industries successfully used like in industrial, food and medical packaging. But also in hygiene, consumer and dairy goods and floor heating and (drinking) water pipes (DOWLEX® 2344, DOWLEX® 2377, DOWLEX® 2388).

For customers who require more

  • toughness,
  • puncture resistance,
  • dart drop impact or
  • good tear resistance,

DOWLEX® Polyethylene Resins from The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) and distributed by the RESINEX Group throughout Europe offer these qualities and much, much more.

DOWLEX® LLDPE Resins are frequently used in

  • extrusion blown film,
  • cast film applications to wrap pallet loads that have sharp corners and irregular shapes and
  • in stretch hood film applications.

Their combination of toughness, easy processing and the ability to down gauge is ideal for industrial and consumer film applications that require more strength and puncture resistance.

The impact resistance, hot tack strength, gloss, performance and down gauging possibilities on production lines of these Linear Low Density C8 Octane and C6 Hexane PE materials provide a real advantage in food and specialty packaging and lamination film applications, e.g. in frozen food film. For hygiene films, DOWLEX® PE Resins are often the materials of choice, and in agricultural film applications such as silage wrap film and mulch film, DOWLEX® PE Resins have set many new standards of performance.

RESINEX and DOW are solution providers in the technical, food and specialty packaging film market with a superior technical service capability.

Regardless of the kind and size of an application, the important partnership of RESINEX, DOW and you as Customer will provide the most economical, most sustainable, most profitable and best performing solution in your country, in your market, in your application.


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