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PC/Polyester Xylex® - Strong Chemical Resistance Plus Clarity

Producer: Sabic IP
Polymer type PC/Polyester

Xylex® resins are a transparent blend of polycarbonate (PC) and an amorphous polyester.

General info

Compared to PC, the polyester in Xylex® resin provides enhanced chemical resistance against certain fluids, enhancing the resin's stress crack resistance. It also permits lower processing temperatures than straight PC.

Typical applications of Xylex® Resins, mobile phones windows, consumer electronics, bicycle accessories, sports and safety eye wear frames.


Chemical Resistance of Xylex®

Xylex® is resistant to pool and spa chemicals, automotive fluids, alcohols, cleaning fluids, food ingredients, and health & beauty compounds.

High Impact Strength of Xylex®

Xylex® has impact strength similar to polycarbonates.

Clarity of Xylex®

Xylex® is as clear as polycarbonates - almost indistinguishable from standard window glass.

Xylex® weatherability

Xylex® grades include UV stabilized formulations, as well as inherently-weatherable polyester resin for outstanding external application life.

High Flow Xylex®

Xylex® shows good mould flow for thin-section parts.


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