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Producer: Ascend
Polymer type PA 66

Over 180 approvals at Automotive OEMs and Tiers!

Company Ascend is the world's largest fully integrated PA66 producer. Full integration means that Ascend produces all raw materials needed for PA66 polymerisation itself and customers therefore benefit from high quality and reliable availability of PA66 VYDYNE.

General info


Over 180 approvals at OEMs and Tiers

PA66 Vydyne is the polyamide of choice for many automotive applications thanks to its very high and consistent quality as well as reliability of supply. Vydyne is used for a number of under-the-hood applications, which are in contact with different automotive fluids, such as the cooling system or heat demanding powertrain applications.

PA66 Vydyne offers a complete portfolio for automotive applications:

  • Best-in-class hydrolysis resistant PA66 grades
  • Glass reinforced grades from 13 up to 50%
  • Dimensionally stabilized grades
  • Impact resistant grades
  • Heat stabilized grades
  • Grades for electric vehicle applications

PA66 Vydyne approvals from automotive OEMs

  • BMW
  • Daimler
  • FCA
  • Ford
  • GM
  • Hyundai/Kia
  • PSA Peugeot Citroën
  • Renault Nissan
  • Toyota
  • VW Group (VW, Audi, Škoda, SEAT)
  • And others including many Tier specific approvals (Delphi, Valeo, Bosch)

The most popular PA66 Vydyne grades for automotive applications:

  • Vydyne R530H – 30% GF heat stabilised grade with increased hydrolysis resistence (natural, black)
  • Vydyne R530HT BK02 – 30% GF grade with higher heat stability (black)
  • Vydyne R530HR BK0652 – 30% GF heat stabilised grade with improved hydrolytic resistance (black)
  • Vydyne R535H BK02 – 35% GF heat stabilised grade (black)
  • Vydyne R435H BK0757 – 35% GF impact modified, high stiffness, heat stabilised grade (black)
  • Vydyne R862H BK0676 – glass/mineral reinforced PA66, heat stabilized, improved flow grade with superior surface appearance (black)


Broad portfolio for optimal productivity and performance

  • Heat stabilized grades
  • Impact modified grades
  • UV and weather stabilised grades
  • Flame resistant grades

The most popular PA66 Vydyne grades for cable ties:

  • Vydyne 21SPC - unfilled, lubricated polyamide 66 (natural)
  • Vydyne 21SPF - unfilled, nucleated and lubricated polyamide 66 (natural and black)
  • Vydyne 22HSP – unfilled, high flow, heat stabilised and lubricated PA66 (natural and black)


PA66 and PA66/6 Solid State Polymerisation grades

From sausage casing or cooking bags to fishing lines, brush fibers and tubes and profiles.

Higher molecular weight PA66 Vydyne offering

  • Improved melt strength
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Toughness

PA66/6 co-polyamide Vydyne for film applications with improved

  • Clarity
  • Softness
  • Tear resistance

The most popular SSP extrusion PA66 and PA66/6 Vydyne grades:

  • Vydyne 66B – food contact approved extrusion PA66 grade
  • Vydyne 65A – heat stabilized and lubricated extrusion grade with food contact approval
  • Vydyne 75HB – PA66/6 heat stabilized grade with food contact approval


PA66 and PA66/6 Vydyne with UL 94 V-0 flame resistance and improved electrical insulating properties

  • Meeting the increased demand for safer, more reliable high-performing compounds for electrical and electronic applications
  • Over 150 grades with more than 100 UL approvals and VDE recognition
  • Best-in-class flame-retardant grades for RTI and GWIT

The most popular flame retardant PA66 and PA66/6 Vydyne grades:

  • Vydyne FR350J – unfilled PA66, V-0 (0,4 mm), brominated FR, GWIT 960°C, 15% elongation at break suitable for snap fits and hinges, solution for unattended appliance
  • Vydyne ECO315J – high ductility unfilled PA66/6, V-0 (0,4 mm), halogen free FR, CTI > 600V (excellent insulation properties), high elongation at break ( > 25%), heat stable grade for intricate insulating components operating in harsh environment
  • Vydyne ECO366H – heat resistant unfilled PA66, V-0 (0,2 mm), halogen free FR, RTI electrical 150°C for electrical connectors, terminal blocks, PCB connectors and housings


PA66 Vydyne with mechanical stability and long-term performance in harsh environments


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