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Versify® POP and POE

Producer: Dow
Polymer type POE, POP

VERSIFY® Plastomers (POP) and Elastomers (POE) are a versatile family of specialty propylene-ethylene copolymers produced with a revolutionary catalyst in combination with Dow’s proprietary INSITE™ Technology and Solution Process.

The new polymers are based on truly revolutionary technology – a breakthrough propylene-ethylene union that has created a world of new possibilities for polymer converters, processors and formulators, in the form of new products, new applications and new markets.

General info

VERSIFY® Plastomers and Elastomers are designed to improve optics, sealing and hot tack performance, elasticity, flexibility and softness for flexible films and rigid packaging producers, manufacturers of thermoplastic elastomers and olefins, and converters in the consumer product sector.

The unique molecular architecture of these new Versify® polymers provides flexible materials with outstanding combinations of:

  • Low modulus, good heat resistance and excellent optics
  • Soft-touch feel and elasticity
  • Low heat seal initiation temperatures and a broad heat seal window
  • Excellent elastic recovery, heat sealability and clarity
  • Exceptionally high filler loading combined with good processability
  • Excellent compatibility with, and adhesion to, a wide range of polyolefins, particularly PP 
  • Ease of processing in a wide range of fabrication methods

The unique molecular architecture of Versify® POP and POE provides films, fibres, sheet and moulded parts with an outstanding combination of excellent optics, sealing and hot tack performance, plus elasticity, flexibility, softness and compatibility in blends.


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