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Talcoprene PP/TALC and Carboprene PP/CA Compounds

Producer: Celanese
Polymer type PP compounds

Talc-filled and Calcium-Carbonate-filled Polypropylene-based Compounds.

Celanese Talcoprene and Carboprene PP compounds – including both homopolymer polypropylene and copolymer polypropylene compounds – filled with talc or CaCO3 are developed to guarantee the best solution to customers looking for technical applications with high dimensional stability combined with good aesthetics and mechanical properties.

Talcoprene talc filled PP compounds are available with up to 40% talc.
Carboprene CaCO3 filled PP compounds are available with up to 40% Calcium Carbonate.

General info

Typical Talcoprene and Carboprene PP compound applications:


  • Interior (cockpit)
  • Electrical (headlight housing)

Consumer goods

  • Household appliances (detergent dispensers, shock absorber, tumble dryer and washing machine parts)


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