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Producer: Ravago
Polymer type ABS

ABS SICOFLEX® is a range of ABS-compounds with good mechanical and thermal properties and high gloss finishing from our mother company Ravago.

Thanks to this ABS SICOFLEX® is an ideal material for durable goods of different sectors, as well as for automotive applications.

General info

According to the different needs, a range of SICOFLEX®-grades have been developed, each optimising one or more of the above mentioned characteristics. [list] Next to the standard grades the following groups are also available:

  • Flame retardant
  • High impact
  • Heat resistant
  • Electroplating
  • Glass-filled

The complete range of all SICOFLEX® grades is available on request in a wide variety of cadmium-free and lead-free colours.

ABS SICOFLEX® is available in prime compounds as well as high quality recycled and industrial quality compounds.


High flow grades

In many injection moulding applications processing aspects, together with the construction and the design, govern the choice of raw material. For the production of articles with long flow paths or extreme length/thickness ratios it is required to use ABS-grades with good flow properties. The high-flow SICOFLEX® grades offer a wide range of possible combinations of processing ease and mechanical properties.

The high flow yields an additional advantage in shortening the cycle-time and increasing the production rates.

Electroplating grade

Electroplating is commonly used in bath and shower appliances, pens, cosmetics, automotive and decorations. The SICOFLEX® electroplating grade exhibits good surface properties, easy processing and excellent adhesion.

Automotive grades

The SICOFLEX® resins are particularly formulated to meet the requirements of the automotive industry. According to their use the resins offer an excellent balance of properties: high stiffness, toughness and heat resistance together with an easy processability.

Impact-resistant grades

The range of impact-resistant SICOFLEX® grades includes materials which are suitable for applications where very good impact resistance is required. These grades are mostly used in articles that will be exposed to sudden and violent shock loads. These SICOFLEX® grades are extremely tough, even at low temperatures.

Heat-resistant grades

SICOFLEX® heat-resistant grades have been especially developed for applications that can be exposed to high temperatures for long periods. Numerous applications in the automotive industry, but also in appliances require heat-resistance next to mechanical properties. SICOFLEX® offers a suitable grade for all these projects.

Flame-retardant grades

The ignition-resistant SICOFLEX® grades are very suitable for all kind of applications that require high standards of fire safety and flammability properties. Next to the standard UL-listed V-0 grades, SICOFLEX® offers you two poly-biphenyl-ether-free grades in response to changing environmental requirements.

Coloured ABS-compounds

Colouring ABS is not an easy job. Especially when high colour requirements are set, or when fantasy colours are desired, colouring with masterbatch is difficult or impossible.

All SICOFLEX® grades can be produced in almost all desired colours thus providing numerous opportunities for fancy design.

Glass fibre reinforced grades

The SICOFLEX® glass fibre filled grades offer a solution for those applications where high demand is put on construction properties. [list] The SICOFLEX® glass fibre filled grades offer:

  • Highly flexible modulus
  • Excellent processing
  • Good surface quality
  • High thermal stability
  • Low creep

Industrial Quality

Next to the extended range of virgin ABS grades, SICOFLEX® offers you several industrial quality grades in the black colour. These industrial quality grades are high quality recycled ABS resins.


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