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Scolefin® Polypropylene Compounds

Producer: Ravago
Polymer type PP compounds

The Scolefin® Polypropylene product range of the Ravago Group is based on high quality homopolymer as well as copolymer polypropylene grades, compounded with different fillers and produced with many years of compounding experience.

General info

Scolefin® PP compounds offer a wide range of very interesting properties:

  • Optimal combination of toughness and stiffness
  • Long term heat stability
  • Suitable for 2-K moulding
  • Good balance of properties among stiffness and impact resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Wide range of flow properties
  • Flame retardancy (selected grades)


Ravago, the producer of Scolefin® PP compounds, offers one of the broadest polypropylene compound portfolios which includes:

  • Mineral fillers 5-70%
    • Talcum, chalk, mica, wollastonite or barium sulphate
  • Glass fibres & beads 5-60%
  • Impact modified
  • Flame retardant grades (UL94: V-0)
  • Colours
    • Natural, black and coloured
  • High performance grades for the automotive industry
  • Tailor made compounds to exactly meet the customer’s and application’s requirements at the best price


Scolefin® PP prime compounds processing

The temperature settings of the injection moulding machine should be set at 200°C at the hopper and increases at a uniform rate to 240°C – 260°C at the nozzle.

The experience has shown that the favourable tool temperature is max. 40°C, but to enhance the gloss of the Scolefin® filled PP grades the tool temperature could be increased to 50°C – 80°C.


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