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RILSAN® CLEAR - High Performance Transparent PA

Producer: Arkema
Polymer type PA Transparent

Arkema's Rilsan® Clear transparent polyamides create exciting new design possibilities for injection molded parts.

Rilsan® Clear product range meets unfulfilled needs by providing greater flexibility and easier processing than existing solutions, creating new opportunities in a number of markets, such as sports and leisure.

General info

Brief History of Transparent Polyamides

The chemistry and benefits of transparent polyamides have progressed substantially.  Semi-aromatic Polyamides (PASA) such as Arkema's Rilsan® Clear G170 was among the first materials to compete in this market. These materials are known for their high temperature performance and characteristic rigidity.

Cycloaliphatic Polyamides (PACA) came next in development, offering substantial progress in properties. Arkema offers Rilsan® Clear G350 as the next evolutionary step in the development of flexible, tough, easily processed transparent polyamides.

Today, and despite the new cutting edge performance of Rilsan® Clear G350, Arkema is not resting with Rilsan® Clear G830 Rnew, the latest innovation in bio based high performance polyamides.


Rilsan® Clear properties


Transparency is critical to most optical applications. At thicknesses of 2 mm, Rilsan® Clear grades are as transparent as other preferred optical materials.

The transmittance [%] comparison of Rilsan® Clear to other transparent materials.


Rilsan® Clear is the lightest engineering resin known ranging from 1.02 to 1.05.

Chemical resistance

The last generation of Rilsan® Clear demonstrates much better chemical resistance than previous generations of transparent polyamides especially in terms of environmental stress cracking resistance (ESCR) an excellent indicator of chemical resistance.

Rilsan® Clear main applications

  • Optics: Eyewear Frames (e.g. sports, sunglasses, optical and safety eyewear)
  • Sports/Fashion: Athletic Shoes
  • Industrial: Filter Casings
  • Electrical/Electronics: Mobile phone casings/lenses – Anti-rodent cables


Rilsan® Clear range is composed in 3 grades:

Rilsan® Clear G170

This grade is a high performance transparent polyamide with outstanding thermal resistance. This grade has been designed for extrusion and injection moulding applications and for medical uses.

Rilsan® Clear G350

This grade is a high performance transparent polyamide. This grade has been especially designed for injection moulding applications, ideally suited for optics as high end eyewear frames.

Rilsan® Clear G830 Rnew

This grade is a high performance transparent polyamide partially based on renewable resources. This grade has been specially designed for injection moulding applications, ideally suited for optics as high end eyewear frames.