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Resinex POM

Producer: Resinex
Polymer type POM

The private brand polyacetal from Resinex is named Resinex POM. The range of grades is limited to unfilled acetal copolymers in natural and black.

General info

Resinex POM offers:

  • Toughness down to -40°C
  • High rigidity and strength
  • Good slip properties
  • Easy processing by injection moulding
  • Long term creep resistance
  • Good wear resistance
  • Low water absorption

Typical Resinex POM applications

With high strength and good wear/slide properties Resinex POM is suitable for technical parts like:

Paint roller cores, gears, clips, dishwasher parts, curtain hooks, zippers, furniture sliding parts, handles, aerosol nozzles, push buttons, bicycle parts etc.


The Resinex POM portfolio consists of unfilled POM grades with different melt flow indexes, available in a natural colour and black. Resinex POM is especially suitable for applications requiring low material prices. Food approved grades and grades with IMDS are not available.

  • Resinex POM C9N; medium flow POM with MFI around 9
  • Resinex POM C13N; medium-high flow POM with MFI around 13
  • Resinex POM C27N; high flow POM with MFI around 27