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PA 6 and PA 66 RAVAMID® - Industrial Quality Polyamides

Producer: Ravago
Polymer type PA 6, PA 66

Ravamid® Polyamides PA6 and PA66 are industrial quality compounds offering an excellent balance of high mechanical properties and price.

They are especially suitable for high demanding applications that are also price sensitive.

General info

Using high quality recycled polyamides (PA6, PA66) is not only very economical, but also an environmentally friendly solution. This environmental aspect is recently accented by many companies especially in the automotive, domestic appliance, electrical & lighting or furniture industry sectors. Resinex is the preferential partner for many leading OEMs offering reliability in technical service and support, material price, quality and availability.

In their production plants, our mother company Ravago applies extensive quality control during selection of raw materials, production as well as control of finished compounds, to ensure customers about the industrial reliability and high quality of recycled Ravamid® PA6 and PA66 compounds. Certificates of analysis are issued for all produced lots to confirm the high quality of Ravamid® PA6 and PA66.

Ravago is a leading European producer of industrial quality and high quality recycled polyamides with very high production capacity. Ravamid® PA6 and PA66 are produced in several European production plants to also offer reliability in the material availability.


Ravago, the producer of Ravamid® PA6 and PA66, offers one of the broadest industrial quality and high quality recycled polyamides portfolios which includes:

  • Unfilled grades
  • Unfilled impact modified grades
  • Glass fibres filled (from 15 up to 50%) grades
  • Glass beads filled grades
  • Mineral filled grades
  • Combined filling glass/minerals

Materials can be heat and UV stabilised.

Most grades are available in the black colour, some of them in a natural or grey colour as well.

Tailor made compounds can be developed to meet application requirements and offer price benefits to the moulder.



Polyamide resins are hydroscopic but the water absorption is a reversible process. They absorb water from direct immersion and from humid air. The amount of water absorbed normally depends on the exposure time, the air temperature and the relative humidity; the maximum moisture level absorbed is normally 3.5% (saturated in air at 23°C, 50% R.H.) At the temperatures used to mould PA, moisture levels can cause visual flaws and the brittleness of the moulded part.

Therefore, it is recommended that resin moisture content be limited to 0.12% when processing Ravamid® PA6 and PA66.

Mould design

Hot runners are not recommended for industrial quality Ravamid® grades. The gate diameter is recommended to have 80% wall thickness.


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