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PPE/PP Noryl® PPX - Ready for Your Needs, Your Climate

Producer: Sabic IP
Polymer type PPE/PP

The Noryl® PPX alloy of polyphenylene ether (PPE) and polypropylene (PP) is an engineering thermoplastic olefin that combines the flowability and chemical resistance of PP with PPE's high-temperature performance, surface hardness and rigidity.

General info

Grades of Noryl® PPX resin exhibit 30 to 50% higher modulus than thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO). Filled Noryl® PPX resin grades offer high elongation, high stiffness and long-term heat resistance

Typical applications of Noryl® PPX Resins electric motors, under bonnet, metal replacement, structural foam mouldings


Good Balance of Properties of Noryl® PPX

Noryl® PPX balances high heat resistance, excellent dimensional stability, and outstanding dielectric strength. Noryl® PPX automotive-specific grades and high modulus grades can be used in place of stamped steel and die cast metal in tight tolerance, functional assemblies

Noryl® PPX offers excellent melt strength and processibility

The wide thermoforming and injection processing windows of Noryl® PPX - foam grade is capable of high heat, exhibiting creep resistance and excellent modulus.

The harmony of Noryl® PPX with TPO materials

Noryl® PPX offers good foam adhesion and compatibility with thermoplastic elastomers.

Stiffness and Strength properties of Noryl® PPX

Noryl® PPX has a wide range of stiffness, tensile and flexural strength, at both low and elevated temperatures, with only a gradual reduction in modulus as temperature is increased, a key advantage.

Chemical Resistance of Noryl® PPX

Noryl® PPX is virtually unaffected by many detergents, acids and bases

Noryl® PPX is regrindable

Noryl® PPX is regrindable for re-use or incorporation in olefinic blends

Impact Strength of Noryl® PPX

Excellent impact strength, Noryl® PPX is virtually unaffected by humidity and only slightly affected by temperature

Hydrolytic Stability of Noryl® PPX

Superb hydrolytic stability – Noryl® PPX has the lowest water absorption rate is of any engineering thermoplastic

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