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PPE Noryl® - Hydrolytic Stability, Heat Resistance

Producer: Sabic IP
Polymer type PPE/PA, PPE/PP

Noryl® Classico resins offer a good balance of mechanical and chemical properties, and may be suitable for a wide variety of applications.

General info

The Noryl® classico family of modified PPE resins consists of amorphous blends of PPO® polyphenylene ether resin and polystyrene. They combine the inherent benefits of PPO resin (affordable high heat resistance, good electrical properties, excellent hydrolytic stability and the ability to use non-halogen FR packages), with excellent dimensional stability, good process ability and low specific gravity.

Typical applications of Noryl® PPE resins Pump component’s, HVAC, Fluid engineering, packaging, solar heating parts, cable management, mobile phones.


Good Balance of Properties of Noryl®

Noryl® has tailorable heat resistance, good hydrolytic stability, high dielectric strength and optional non halogenated flame retardants in a low specific gravity material. Noryl® may be designed to replace stamped steel, die cast metal, and brass in functional assemblies. Noryl® is compatible with multiple filler technologies to further tailor desired properties.

Stiffness and Strength of Noryl®

Noryl® has high stiffness and tensile & flexural strength, even at elevated temperatures, with only gradual reduction in modulus as temperature is increased, a key advantage

Creep resistance of Noryl®

Noryl® has good creep resistance, even at elevated temperatures, thanks to the material‘s inherent high heat resistance, made even better with the addition of various filler systems

Impact Strength of Noryl®

The predictable impact strength of Noryl® remains virtually unaffected by humidity

Noryl® has good Electrical Performance

Noryl® has high dielectric strength with excellent electrical properties

Good Fire Retardancy of Noryl®

Noryl® is available in non-halogen based fire-retardant grades, helping products comply with a broad range of environmental standards, including UL94 V-0. In addition Noryl® has low toxicity in accordance with GEI 02.37.2, select grades of Noryl® have been designed to meet low smoke requirements in transportation segments

Noryl® has generally good Chemical Resistance

Noryl® generally has good resistance to acids, bases and many cleaning agents.

Hydrolytic Stability of Noryl®

Noryl® exhibits excellent hydrolytic stability, with water absorption rates among the lowest of any engineering thermoplastic

Low Mould Shrinkage of Noryl®

Excellent dimensional control with exceptionally low mould shrinkage factors

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