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PPE/PA Noryl® GTX - Strength, Paintability & Light Weight

Producer: Sabic IP
Polymer type PPE/PA

Noryl® GTX blends polyamide (PA) and modified polyphenylene ether polymer (PPE) technology.

General info

Noryl® GTX combines the dimensional stability, low water absorption and heat resistance of PPE polymer with the chemical resistance and flow of PA polymer. The result is an extremely chemically resistant material with the stiffness, impact resistance and heat performance required for on-line painting. The low density of unfilled Noryl® GTX resin can provide part-weight savings of up to 25% over glass or mineral filled resins.

Typical applications of Noryl® GTX Resins, bumpers, hub caps, motorbike trim, parts requiring powder coating.


Low Temperature Impact Strength of Noryl® GTX

Impact-modified grades of Noryl® GTX offer a broad range of low temperature ductility.

Noryl® GTX offers high Heat Resistance

Superior heat resistance grades of Noryl® GTX for a variety of demanding applications.

Chemical Resistance of Noryl® GTX

Broad environmental resistance of Noryl® GTX to commonly used automotive fuels, greases, and oils - plus, resistance to detergents, alcohols, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, and alkaline chemicals.

Noryl® GTX has low Mould Shrinkage

Minimum shrinkage of Noryl® GTX, particularly with filled grades.

On-Line Paintability of Noryl® GTX

Noryl® GTX’ heat performance enables on-line paint decoration, including in automotive body panels.

Good Dimensional Stability of Noryl® GTX

Noryl® GTX maintains dimensionality and complex geometry over time.

Class A Surface Appearance of Noryl® GTX

Noryl® GTX is capable of taking a Class A surface for high-visibility applications.

Low Water Absorption of Noryl® GTX

Noryl® GTX has very low moisture absorption compared to polyamide alone.


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