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Ingeo™ biopolymer PLA

Producer: Natureworks
Polymer type PLA

Polylactid Acid from Natureworks under the brand name Ingeo™ biopolymer is a biopolymer which offers environmental benefits because it is made from renewable resources. It is produced by polymerisation of the lactic acid that is produced by fermentation from plant derived sugars.

Thus, Ingeo™ biopolymer PLA offers an eco-friendly option for many different segments.

General info

Today, manufacturing Ingeo™ biopolymer produces 60% less greenhouse gases and uses 50% less non-renewable energy than traditional polymers like PET or polystyrene.

This transparent polymer can be processed by different techniques such as sheet/film extrusion, thermoforming, injection moulding or ISBM.

Ingeo™ biopolymer PLA is produced in Blair (Nebraska – USA).

Ingeo™ biopolymer PLA offers:

  • Excellent gloss, transparency & clarity
  • Exceptional flavour & aroma barrier properties
  • Good oxygen barrier
  • Easy to shape, print & emboss
  • Outstanding moisture management properties (for applications such as apparel, textile and nonwovens)
  • Hypoallergenic, outperforms PET for breathability and comfort, low odour retention (for nonwovens, textile and apparel)
  • High rigidity which allows lighter packaging than ever before
  • Low shrinkage
  • EN 13432 European compost ability norm
  • Materials made from 100% renewable sources

Typical applications

Bottles, gift cards, durable goods, films, paper coating, food packaging like cups and containers, non-woven, textiles, apparel, disposables and base material for a lot of compounds.


Several Ingeo™ biopolymer PLA series is available for different processing:

  • Ingeo™ biopolymer PLA 2000 series: extrusion/thermoforming
  • Ingeo™ biopolymer PLA 3000 series: injection moulding
  • Ingeo™ biopolymer PLA 4000 series: films and sheets
  • Ingeo™ biopolymer PLA 6000 series: fibres and non-wovens
  • Ingeo™ biopolymer PLA 7000 series: blow moulding (ISBM)
  • Ingeo™ biopolymer PLA 8000 series: foam


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