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Producer: Trinseo
Polymer type ABS

MAGNUM™ ABS from Trinseo is an acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) manufactured with continued mass polymerisation technology.

This results in a resin with a highly consistent, white base color resulting in a combination of excellent processability and aesthetics, which make it suitable for self coloring.

General info

Some of the performance benefits of MAGNUM™ ABS resins include:

  • Meeting the physical property requirements of your application
  • Providing excellent reproduction of mould surfaces
  • Meeting specialised finish requirements through painting or plating
  • Permitting the use of a variety of secondary finishing techniques
  • Enabling parts to be recycled at levels up to 25% with virgin resins
  • Suitable for easy and consistent self-colouring

MAGNUM™ ABS applications

With the key advantages of a mass ABS (highly consistent white base colour, stable processing and superior lot-to-lot consistency of properties) MAGNUM™ can be used for following applications:

Household appliances, consumer goods, toys, telephones, electrical and computer equipment, automotive interior trim and control panels for white goods.

The extrusion grades are especially often used for extrusion/thermoforming applications like sheets, profiles, transportation, sanitary ware, signage and furnishings.


MAGNUM™ ABS Resins from Trinseo are available in a wide range of injection moulding and extrusion grades, specially designed for applications including automotive, appliances, medical, building/construction, packaging and sheet/profile extrusion.

MAGNUM™ ABS is supplied in a natural colour.

The MAGNUM™ portfolio

MAGNUM™ ABS resins for Injection moulding

  • MAGNUM™ 3453 General purpose, medium gloss, medium-high impact
  • MAGNUM™ 8434 General purpose, high gloss, medium-high impact
  • MAGNUM™ 8391 High gloss, high flow, medium impact

MAGNUM™ ABS resins for extrusion

  • MAGNUM™ 3404 General purpose with medium impact, excellent processability
  • MAGNUM™ 3504 General purpose, higher impact resistance, lower flow
  • MAGNUM™ 3904 Very high impact
  • MAGNUM™ 3513 High impact and good processing for sheet and profiles
  • MAGNUM™ Matt Ultra low gloss surface finish

Magnum™ ABS resins for automotive applications

  • MAGNUM™ 3525 General purpose with excellent processability
  • MAGNUM™ 3325 MT General purpose with excellent processability
  • MAGNUM™ 3416 SC Very high heat resistance
  • MAGNUM™ 3616 Good stiffness and impact strength whilst maintaining excellent heat resistance

For products which need a superb surface finish Trinseo has MAGNUM™ 3404 Smooth and MAGNUM™ 3904 Smooth available. These grades have ultra-low particle content, recognised for providing the highest purity and lowest gel level.


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