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Mafill® Polypropylene Industrial Quality

Producer: Ravago
Polymer type PP compounds

Mafill® PP is a range of industrial quality and high quality recycled polypropylene compounds offering an excellent balance of high mechanical properties and price.

They are especially suitable for price sensitive but also high demanding applications.

General info

Resinex is the preferential partner of many leading OEM’s offering reliability in material price, quality and availability as well as in broad technical service and support.

Ravago, our parent company, applies an extensive quality control during selection of raw materials, production, as well as control of finished products in their production plants to ensure customers about the reliability of industrial quality and high quality recycled Mafill® PP compounds.

Typical Mafill® PP applications:

  • Wheel arch liners
  • Air filter housing
  • Bumper parts
  • Air ducts
  • Crates
  • Plastic racks
  • Roof tiles
  • And many others


Mafill® Polypropylene offers a wide portfolio of industrial quality compounds with different flow rates.

The portfolio includes:

  • Unfilled black and natural grades
  • Glass fibre filled black grades (20% and 30%)
  • Mineral filled black and natural grades (20% and 40%)
  • Tailor-made additive package
    • Impact modified
    • UV resistant
    • Heat stabilised

Tailor-made compounds can be developed to meet the application requirements and specifications and offer the best possible price.


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