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Mablex® PC/ABS

Producer: Ravago
Polymer type PC/ABS

The MABLEX® PC/ABS of Ravago Plastics combines the high heat and impact of polycarbonate with the easy processability and the better stress-cracking of ABS. Thanks to this package of properties, Mablex® satisfies the most demanding applications of the home appliances industry, the electrical, electronic, and the automotive industry.

Next to prime compounds, Mablex® PC/ABS also offers economic solutions with its industrial quality and high quality recycled compounds.

General info

According to the different needs, a range of Mablex® grades have been developed, each optimising one or more of the above mentioned characteristics. The Mablex® range also includes ignition resistant grades even in halogen-free formulations.

The Mablex® range includes:

  • Standard grades
  • High gloss grades
  • Extrusion grades
  • Glass filled grades
  • Ignition resistant grades
  • Industrial quality grades

The complete range of all prime Mablex® grades is available on request in a wide variety of cadmium-free and lead-free colours.


Standard grades

MABLEX® PC/ABS standard grades are available in three grades with different heat resistance used in the automotive industry both for inner and outer parts of the car being more or less thermally stressed. Typical applications are dashboard parts, vents, air nozzles, rear light housings.

MABLEX® S280 is also used in the electrical industry meeting the requirements of the ball indentation test at 125°C.

High gloss grades

MABLEX® PC/ABS high gloss grades are used when good surface appearance is needed together with high heat and impact resistance. Typical applications are vapour cleaners, irons and other household appliances.

Extrusion grades

Mablex® PC/ABS extrusion grades are particularly used for the extrusion of automotive window profiles.

Glass-filled grades

Glass-filled MABLEX® combines high heat resistance with high rigidity and excellent dimensional stability. The glass filled grades are suitable for parts that have to bear high static loads.

Ignition resistant grades

MABLEX® PC/ABS ignition resistant grades are available in 3 different grades for injection moulding with different thermal properties.

MABLEX® ignition resistant grades are used in the electrical industry for connectors, switches, fuse boxes. Typical electronic applications are housings and components of business machines such as printers, copiers, fax machines and computer devices.

Industrial quality

Next to the extended range of virgin PC/ABS grades, MABLEX® offers you a wide variety of industrial quality and recycled grades. Industrial quality grades represent high quality compounds for technical, non-aesthetical applications with high demands. The standard-formulations using raw materials with matching characteristics, tested and certified by the Ravago Group, guarantee good mechanical properties, stable quality and attractive pricing.

MABLEX® high quality recycled PC/ABS resins are produced out of well selected industrial wastes. They are available in grey and black colours.


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