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Hostaform® POM

Producer: Celanese
Polymer type POM

Hostaform® Polyoxymethylene (polyacetal, POM) is the trade name for the Celanese range of acetal copolymers.

Hostaform® polyoxymethylenecopolymer delivers a combination of outstanding wear resistance, long-term fatigue resistance, toughness and creep resistance with excellent resistance to moisture, solvents and strong alkalis.

General info

POM’s base polymer is produced from Trioxane and small amounts of co-monomers. Hostaform® POM has a linear structure and is a highly crystalline engineering plastic delivering a combination of outstanding properties for a wide range of high demanding applications.

Hostaform® POM offers:

  • High toughness down to -40°C
  • Outstanding wear resistance
  • Good slip properties
  • High rigidity and strength in broad temperature ranges
  • Resistance to repeated impact
  • Very good temperature resistance
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Long-term creep resistance
  • High flexural fatigue strength
  • Outstanding resistance to moisture, chemicals and fuels
  • Easy processing by injection moulding and extrusion
  • Suitable for 2-K moulding

Typical applications

Because Hostaform® POM is so versatile it is used in many different markets and in numerous applications. For instance; gears, different sliding elements, springs, clips, snap-fits, fuel system components, door lock systems, safety belt buckles, dish washer components, winter sports equipment, toys, shower heads, measuring units of gas meters, electric toothbrushes, shavers, coffee machines and many others. Hostaform® POM is also used to produce sheets, rods and slab stock shapes that can be machined with tight tolerances.


Celanese's Hostaform® has a very broad portfolio. Hostaform® is supplied in unfilled grades with different melt flow indexes and different strengths; also many specialty grades are available.

For speciality grades you must think about glass/carbon black reinforced, impact modified, UV stabilized, low wear and low friction, static dissipative, and laser markable grades. The Hostaform® portfolio also includes low emission grades mainly for automotive interior applications, grades with a metallic appearance to avoid painting of the part, grades with improved resistance against aggressive hot diesel fuels or improved resistance against acidic media. There are also grades suitable for food or drinking water contact, applications which comply for example with EU directive 2002/72/EC, FDA, KTW, FCS or WRAS. Hostaform® POM can be supplied natural, black or coloured.

Hostaform® can be divided into the following groups with only some Hostaform® grades mentioned:

Hostaform® basic grades

These differ primarily in their melt flow rate like Hostaform® C 2521 with low flow, Hostaform® C 9021 with a medium flow and Hostaform® C 52021 with very high flow.

Hostaform® high strength grades

These differ from basic grades by an improved strength, rigidity and hardness like Hostaform® C 13031, a medium-high flow POM and Hostaform® HS15, a low flow POM with high impact.

Hostaform® reinforced grades

These contain glass fibres or glass spheres with different filler percentages like Hostaform® C 9021 GV 1/20, a medium flow POM with about 20% glass fibres or Hostaform® C 9021 GV3/20, a medium flow POM with about 20% glass spheres.

Hostaform® with improved slip properties

These are modified with special additives which improve slip properties and/or wear resistance like Hostaform® C 9021TF, a medium flow POM with PTFE, Hostaform® C 9021M, a medium flow POM with molybdenum disulphide or Hostaform® C 9021K, a medium flow POM with special chalk.

Hostaform® (S) with improved impact properties

These are blends with elastomers like Hostaform® S 9363, a medium flow POM with low elastomer content and Hostaform® S 9364, a medium flow POM with high elastomer content.

Hostaform® with antistatic/conductive properties

These are modified with antistatic or conductive carbon black like Hostaform® C 27021 AST, a high flow POM with antistatic finish or Hostaform® EC140XF, a medium flow POM with conductive carbon black and improved chemical resistance to aggressive fuel blends.

Hostaform® low emission grades

These grades differ from basic grades in reduced emission (specially for automotive interior) like Hostaform® C 9021 XAP2, a medium flow POM with emission according to VDA < 2 mg/kg for natural colour.

Hostaform® special grades

This group includes all grades which can’t be assigned to one of the above groups like:

  • Hostaform® MR130 ACS, a medium high flow POM with improved resistance against acidic media.
  • Hostaform® UV130LGX, a medium high flow POM with a low gloss appearance.
  • Hostaform® C 9021 LS, a medium flow POM with improved UV resistance.
  • Hostaform® C 9021 LS 10/1570 black, a medium flow POM with improved weather ability properties
  • Hostaform® C 9021 10/9005, a medium flow POM with laser markable pigments (white marking on black back ground).
  • Hostaform® C 9021 S OEK, a silicon oil concentrate used as a master batch.
  • Hostaform® MetaLXTM, a POM with a metallic colour appearance like Hostaform® LX90 CC44477, a POM with a satin chrome appearance.


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