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Geloy® ASA Resin - Ready for Your Climate

Producer: Sabic IP
Polymer type ASA

Geloy® advanced amorphous polymer of acrylic-styrene-acrylonitrile (ASA) resins are among the most weatherable grades in SABIC Innovative Plastics' portfolio.

General info

Geloy® resin offers exceptional durability in outdoor environments without painting. Advanced grades of Geloy® resin and blends offer great aesthetics, colour options, good chemical resistance, high heat performance and processability.

Typical applications of Geloy® ASA Resins, lawn mower parts, door and window coverings, satellite dish components, building products.


Outdoor Weatherability of Geloy®

Geloy® offers excellent weatherability and gloss retention with exceptional durability in outdoor environments. Geloy® retains not just aesthetics properties but also mechanical properties under prolonged exposure to sunlight, moisture, and heat.

Blendability of Geloy®

Geloy® is readily incorporated in alloys, mixtures, and blends to capitalize on the properties of the constituent resins - for example, Geloy® resin blended with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resins for extruded building siding, or with polycarbonate (PC) resins for high heat applications.

Good Heat Resistance of Geloy®

Geloy® provides a relative temperature index (RTI) up to (50 °C, and a heat deflection temperature (HDT) up to 104 °C.

High Gloss of Geloy®

Geloy® moulds to a high, long-lasting gloss for maximum aesthetic effect.

Surprising Range of Colours in the Geloy® range

Geloy® has a colours range from whites to high-chromatics.

Chemical Resistance of Geloy®

Geloy® has good chemical resistance.