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Producer: DSM
Polymer type PPA, PA4T
The DSM EP ForTii® MX materials, are next generation PPAs, offering great substitution potential for metals. The products, presented for the first time by DSM in 2016, are also very attractive in commercial terms. These are pure PPA compounds, not blends. These compounds have excellent mechanical properties above and below the glass transition temperature.

General info

The most important properties of ForTii® MX compared to conventional PPAs are as follows:

  • Higher melt temperature & heat resistance (325oC and 303oC)

  • Significantly better temperature resistance above the glass transition temperature

  • Very high impact strength

  • Isotropic thermal expansion behavior

  • Low thermal expansion

Melt Temperature and HDT of ForTii® and standard PA6T/6:

Impact resistance for different high heat polymers

Impact resistance for different high heat polymers:

Melt Temperature and HDT of ForTii

The ForTii® MX materials are suitable for a variety of applications including housing and technical parts that require dimensional stability at high temperatures, for example in the automotive industry.

For the chemical industry, its high temperature resistance and superior chemical resistance play an important role.


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