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ForTii™ Ace

Producer: DSM
Polymer type PPA, PA4T
ForTii® Ace from DSM EP is the next generation PPA (polyphtalamide) that delivers a performance close to PEEK.
ForTii® Ace offers excellent chemical resistance, mechanical properties and high heat resistance.

General info

ForTii®Ace key benefits:

  • Excellent chemical resistance under extreme conditions (moisture, salt, oils, acids, etc)
  • Outstanding NVH properties
  • Easy and robust molding processing
  • PPA with highest aromatic content of >50wt%
  • Extreme stiffness and strength up to 150°C
  • High peak temperature resistance up to 320°C
  • Glass transition temperature of 160°C

ForTii® Ace outperforms other chemical resistant materials like PPS and PEEK.

ForTii Ace image

ForTii® Ace is outperforming existing solutions:

  • Vs. Metal: ForTii® Ace can replace metal at just 50% of the weight over a wide range of temperatures
  • Vs. PEEK: PEEK shows a great performance profile for metal replacement; however it faces an economic hurdle. ForTii® Ace delivers similar high-heat resistance, chemical and mechanical properties, but at significantly reduced costs and with easy and robust processing.
  • Vs. PPA &PA66: ForTii® Ace has a Tg of 160°C, which results in superior mechanical performance. It offers higher chemical resistance vs e.g. EGR, water/glycol and transmission oils.

Applications that meet the extreme needs:

  • Transmission components
  • Structural oil pan
  • Front engine cover
  • Engine mount
  • Thermal management systems


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