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ExxonMobil™ Polypropylene (PP) – Medical Grades

Producer: ExxonMobil
Polymer type PP compounds

Polypropylene has a long history in medical applications. This versatile material with high purity and chemical stability is making polypropylene a preferred solution for medical applications.

ExxonMobil™ is an experienced producer of polypropylene suitable for injection molded parts for use in Medical Device and drug packaging.

General info

ExxonMobil™ took over the plant of Hoechst in Lillebonne and the composition of the homopolymer grades has not changed for over 30 years. The portfolio consists of two homopolymer and one random copolymer grades.

All grades carry necessary medical certificates and can be requested on demand at your local Resinex office. All grades are subject to a necessary risk assessment before approval of the use of the grades in your application.


Three ExxonMobil™ PP medical grades are available:

  • ExxonMobil™ PP1013H1 – homopolymer, MFI 7,5
  • ExxonMobil™ PP1014H1 – homopolymer, MFI 16
  • ExxonMobil™ PP9074MED – random copolymer, MFI 24

The homopolymer grades, ExxonMobil™ PP1013H1 and PP1014H1, are specifically designed for the pharmaceutical market and that are typically used for medical goods, such as syringes, inhalators and pumps, packaging applications, such as boxes, closures and dispensers. Additional application focus areas include the laboratory sector and diagnostics. In accordance with industry specific high hygiene requirements, these grades can be sterilized using steam or ethylene oxide.

ExxonMobil™ PP9074MED polypropylene is a random copolymer that exhibits good flow properties and high clarity, making it suitable for diagnostic applications, syringes and similar medical products. This grade is also designed to withstand high energy radiation, such as gamma rays, often used to sterilize molded parts.