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Producer: Ravago
Polymer type TPE-O, TPE-S

Ravago produces a wide range of different thermoplastic elastomer grades.

TPE-S, TPE-V and TPE-O, under the brand names Enflex® and Ensoft®, are produced by Ravago’s factory Enplast Turkey and TPE-S, with the brand name Sconablend®, is produced at Ravago Plastics Germany.

General info

Thermoplastic elastomers are a unique class of materials that combine the key processing and recycling properties of thermoplastics with many of the physical properties of thermoset rubbers such as elasticity, low compression set and high flexibility.

Ensoft® TPE-S

Ensoft® TPE-S consists of styrene-diene copolymers. The unsaturated butadiene styrene (SBS) copolymers are of the lower cost and performance members of this group whereas hydrogenated/saturated styrene-ethyl-butyl-styrene (SEBS) and styrene ethyl-ethyl-propyl-styrene (SEEPS) are the higher cost high performance members. Compounds of these copolymers incorporate suitable thermoplastics (such as PP, PE, PS), oil and fillers in a co-continuous phase morphology.

Ensoft® TPE-S offers:

  • Hardness range from 5 Shore A to 60 Shore D (SBS 30 Shore A to 45 Shore D)
  • Service Temperature: -50 to +110°C (dynamic; SBS -50°C to +70°C) -50 to +130°C (Static/Peak; SBS -50 to +110°C)
  • Excellent ozone, UV and weather resistance due to saturated elastomeric phase; SBS has moderate UV, ozone and weathering resistance due to the presence of double bond
  • Chemical resistance to many aggressive mediums
  • Low compression set and good elasticity in a wide temperature range
  • Adhesion to a broad range of polar and non-polar substrates such as PP, PA, ABS, PC, PS…
  • Broad product range including soft touch, expandable, high temperature resistant, low compression set, halogen free FR and many other specialty grades
  • Ease of processing (no pre-drying is required) and recyclability


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