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ELVAX™ EVA copolymers

Producer: Dow
Polymer type HPC

Elvax™ EVA broad product portfolio allows you to easily find the right grade to improve toughness and flexibility in your packaging application.

General info

  • VA content from 7.5 % to 33 % VA
  • MFI 0.35 – 43
  • Tubular, autoclave grades
  • Low gel grades
  • Additive grades available containing slip, anti-block including a slip

Increasing the level of Vinyl-Acetate in the Elvax™ EVA polymer gives you

  • Less crystallinity
  • More polarity (better oil resistance)
  • Higher flex crack resistance
  • Better optics
  • Lower heat seal initial temperature

Elvax™ EVA is suitable for below processing methods:

  • Blown film
  • Cast film
  • Extrusion coated film
  • Extrusion laminating
  • Coextruded film


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