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ELVALOY™ AC Ethylene Acrylate Copolymer

Producer: Dow
Polymer type HPC

The value proposition of Elvaloy™ AC is universal compatibility with most polymers for use as modifier and in adhesive applications. Elvaloy™ AC is the best choice when you are looking for properties like softness, flexibility, polarity and impact resistance.

General info

Elvaloy™ AC is random copolymer of ethylene and various acrylate monomers which ensure specific properties:

  • EMA for higher thermal stability
  • EEA for less sticking to metal surfaces
  • EBA for low temperature flexibility

Unique features of Elvaloy™ AC are:

  • Good compatibility with both polar and non-polar polymers (PA, PET, PBT, PC, ABS, PP, PE, PVC)
  • Higher melting temperature (avoid sticking in compounding feed)
  • Superior thermal stability (vs. EVA)
  • Higher melt strength
  • Low temperature flexibility of EBA
  • Oil resistance
  • HF weldable(for > 9wt% comonomer level)
  • Printable - high surface energy

Typical packaging applications for Elvaloy™ AC:

Elvaloy™ AC in PET Modification

  • Improves low temperature toughness of PET
  • CPET trays: Elvaloy™ AC 1224 or 1124, Elvaloy™ PTW or 4170
  • APET trays (only used in coloured trays): Elvaloy™ AC 1224
  • Blends are always opaque
  • Comply with Food Regulations (FDA, European) – Up to 24 % wt. MA
  • Ability to use high scrap content

Elvaloy™ AC Soft Touch Applications

  • Cosmetic bottles: Elvaloy™ 1209AC, Elvaloy™ 1224AC, Elvaloy™ 3217AC
  • Tubes, Soft touch sleeves for bottles

Elvaloy™ AC to improve ink adhesion to corona treated PE films.


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