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Producer: Dow
Polymer type HD PE

Dow® High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Resins from the Dow Chemical Company (Dow) provide toughness, rigidity and strength for blow moulding applications (DOW® HDPE 35060E, 40055E), extruded products, films (DOW® HDPE 53050E), and injection moulded items.

General info

DOW`s Blow Moulding and Film grades (DOW HDPE 35060E, 40055E, SV32050E and 53050E) has been cancelled end of 2012 due to the closure of the HDPE plant in Tessenderlo/Belgium. RESINEX can offer alternatives in an individual analyse of your applications and requirements in the final applications. Please contact for further information and assistant your relevant RESINEX sales office.

For injection moulding, DOW® HDPE Resins (DOW® HDPE KS 10100UE, DOW® HDPE KT 10000UE, DOW® HDPE 25055E) offer both strength and process ability – the two properties that every injection moulding processor wants, but rarely achieves at the same time. And this advantage is available across the wide spectrum of end-use applications.


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