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Cycolac® ABS Resins – Taking the Heat

Producer: Sabic IP
Polymer type ABS

Cycolac® acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) thermoplastic resins are widely recognised as an engineering material that can be modified to offer outstanding aesthetics, flow, toughness, dimensional stability, and high temperature resistance.

General info

A broad range of Cycolac® resin grades offer platability, Visualfx® aesthetics, high heat, medical compatibility, as well as flame-retardancy that meets regulatory and safety standards. High gloss grades of Cycolac® offer enhanced aesthetic appeal.

Typical applications of Cycolac® ABS Resins are, telephone components, fridge panels, speakers, medical housings, showers, automotive interior trim.


Strength and Toughness of Cycolac®

Exceptional strength and modulus at a broad range of temperatures.

Fatigue Resistance of Cycolac®

Outstanding toughness and durability.

Excellent Dimensional Stability of Cycolac®

Excellent dimensional stability at elevated temperatures.

Chemical Resistance of Cycolac®

Good resistance to a broad range of chemicals - see your Resinex representative for specific chemical resistance information regarding Cycolac®.

Heat Resistance of Cycolac®

Stands up to heat, with high heat grades up to HDT of 110° C.

Broad Range of Colours of Cycolac®

Cycolac® is available in a broad range of colours and Visualfx® resin effects.

UL Rated products of Cycolac®

Flame retardant grades of Cycolac® offer outstanding FR performance along with interior UV performance and processibility, with RTI performance up to 90° C.

Platability of Cycolac®

Platable grades Cycolac® offer outstanding initial plating performance as well as longevity throughout part life.

FDA Compliance of Cycolac®

Available in FDA, EU, and USP Class VI-compliant grades for food service, medical, and other specialised applications in the food and healthcare industries.

Processability of Cycolac®

Outstanding extrusion and injection processibility of Cycolac® on conventional moulding equipment.


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