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Bynel™ - Coextrudable Adhesive Resins

Producer: Dow
Polymer type HPC

Bynel™ polymers designed specifically for packaging tie layer applications due to their adhesion to otherwise incompatible polymers. Bynel™ provides and maintains adhesion to ensure package integrity critical for barrier food packaging.

General info

Broad Bynel™ let downs & concentrates portfolio is based on

  • PE
  • PP
  • EVA
  • EMA

Bynel™ provides excellent adhesion to

  • PE
  • PA & EVOH
  • PS
  • PET
  • PP

Bynel™ can be used for variety technologies and applications

  • Blown & Cast Film → barrier films, sealable films
  • Extrusion Coating & Lamination → cosmetic tubes
  • Extrusion Blow Molding → bottles and containers for food
  • Triple Bubble®and Double Bubble Technology
  • Sheet extrusion and Lamination → Packaging sheet for thermoforming

The most popular Bynel™ grades are:

Bynel™ Layers For PE-Bonding

Bynel™ 41E1353B (Amplify™ TY 1353B), Bynel™ 4157, Bynel™ 41687B, Bynel™ 40E529, Bynel™ 42E703

  • Broad product portfolio allows you to find the right solution for all technologies and applications
  • Excellent adhesion to PE, PA and EVOH
  • Special resins with good adhesion in combination with Antifog

Bynel™ Layers For PS-Bonding

Bynel™ 3861

  • Good adhesion to PE, PS, EVOH in Polystyrene / HIPS multilayer structures
  • Consistent adhesion performance
  • Heat resistant for hot fill application
  • Recommended for use in: blown film and sheet for thermoforming
  • Applications: hot filled fruit cups, convenience foods, dairy products, baby food, coffee pods

Bynel™ Layers For PET-Bonding

Bynel™ 21E787, Byne™ 21E4817 (Amplify™ TY 4817), Bynel™ 22E804

  • Broad range of solutions for direct adhesion to PET, OPP or lamination of OPET or OPP
  • Optimized grades available for all extrusion technologies
  • Good adhesion to defined printing inks

Bynel™ Layers For PP-Bonding

Bynel™ 50E109 (Amplify™ XUS 69109.00), Bynel™ 50E739

  • PP Tie Layer Resins for: blown, cast extrusion coating and lamination
  • Adhesion to PP, PA and EVOH
  • Special grade: XUS 69109.00 - excellent adhesion to PP, PE, PA and EVOH


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