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Attane® Ultra Low Density Polyethylene (ULD PE)

Producer: Dow
Polymer type ULD PE

Developed as a line extension to DOWLEX® Polyethylene Resins, ATTANE® Ultra Low Density Polyethylene (ULDPE) resins meet demanding performance requirements in very specific market segments, such as stretch wrap film, food packaging film, frozen food film, health and hygiene.

The ATTANE ® ULDPE product range contains C8 Octane very low density products as also C6 Hexane grades for cast film applications.

General info

ATTANE® ULDPE Resins, compared to DOWLEX® PE Resins, offers greater low temperature flexibility and flex crack resistance, ideal for containing liquids that move freely within a package. Leaks and spills are avoided, and the package still offers excellent optics, high tear resistance, and other key properties like low seal initiation temperature (SIT) and very good hot tack.

Key packaging applications for ATTANE® ULDPE Resins include, heavy duty shipping sack film, turf bag film, consumer bag film, stretch hood film and cheese film, meat film, coffee packaging film, and detergents film and frozen food film. They are also widely used to produce silage wrap film, mulch films and extruded membranes.

ATTANE® might fit in some applications like frozen food, stretch hood and similar applications such as replacement of EVA as part of the formulations.

RESINEX and DOW are solution providers in the technical, food and specialty packaging film market with a superior technical service capability.

Regardless of the size of an application, the important partnership of RESINEX, DOW and you as the Customer will provide the most economical, most sustainable, most profitable and best performing solution in your country, in your market, in your application.


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