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Appeel™ - Pellable Lidding Sealant Resins

Producer: Dow
Polymer type HPC

Appeel™ is lidding sealant resin that delivers you controlled adhesion in easy-open packaging. Appeel™ is solvent free extrudable sealants system designed for cohesive or interfacial peel with adhesion to multiple substrates, good chemical resistance and excellent optics. Appeel™ meets functional needs in hot fill, microwave and retort applications.

General info

Appeel™ can be used for sealing to a broad range of substrates:

  • PP
  • PS
  • PE
  • PVC
  • PET etc.

Appeel™ runs in a variety of conversion process:

  • Cast film
  • Blown film
  • Extrusion coating

Appeel™ brings you benefits like:

  • Controlled adhesion in easy-open packaging
  • Low seal initiation temperature
  • Sealant thickness variation in presence of contamination
  • Broad peel seal temperature window
  • Good Chemical resistance (fat and grease, acidic foods)
  • High clarity
  • Melt index control
  • Good organoleptics

The most popular Appeel™ grades are:

  • Appeel™ 72D811 - Pre-formulated easy-peel sealants primarily used in film / film sealing and some cases as a lidding sealant, targeted applications: Processed meat and cheese, easy peel pouches, medical forming webs, etc.
  • Appeel™ 20D855 - EMA based grade designed for filament free die cutting, low seal initiation temperature, low sealing time, peelable to PP, PS, PVC and PET, high thermal stability
  • Appeel™ 22D843 - Grade for use in film extrusion, blended with PP to provide peelable seals to PP trays, to itself and as a peelable layer on a tray surface


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