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Producer: DSM
Polymer type PA 6

Akulon® Ultraflow® offers improved flow, fast cycling behaviour, and excellent surface appearance.

Akulon® Ultraflow® is an easy to process PA6 that offers up to 80% improved flow and up to a 40% reduction in injection moulding cycle times with no significant effect on mechanical properties compared to standard PA6 grades.

General info

The improvement of flow is the result of DSM Engineering Materials proprietary technology which translates into important customer benefits like the increase of profitability through lower system costs by:

  • Shorter cycle time resulting in lower production costs
  • The use of thinner wall thicknesses which allows for the use of less material
  • Increased number of tooling cavities, leading to lower production costs
  • Moulding parts on lower tonnage machines, resulting in improved manufacturing flexibility

Other Akulon® Ultraflow® benefits include:

  • Improved surface appearance, eliminating the need for painting
  • Increased design freedom (lower wall thickness for parts with long flow paths)
  • Better scope for metal replacement
  • A problem solver due to lower moulded stresses and warpage reduction


Akulon® Ultraflow® range

  • Improved productivity glass fibre reinforced: 30%-40% GF also heat stabilised
  • Metal replacement grades: 50%-60% GF also heat stabilised
  • Mineral glass reinforced hybrids: 30%-40% reinforced
  • Flame retardant V-0, halogen based


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