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Total Petrochemicals

Total Petrochemicals

TOTAL, one of the leading oil companies, is a merger of two French companies (Elf and Ato) and Belgian company PetroFina.

Total petrochemicals division is active in base chemicals (ethylene, propylene and styrene) and consumer polymers (Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Polystyrene) which are derived from the base chemicals.

Total Petrochemicals has over 10 billion € turnover and about 6 000 employees.

Total Petrochemicals activities are divided into three divisions:

  • Base Chemicals (olefins, C4 cuts and aromatics)
  • Polyolefins (polyethylene, polypropylene, Lumicene)
  • Styrenics (styrene, polystyrene)

Total Petrochemicals uses hydrocarbons derivates (naphtha, butane and distillates) mainly produced by the Total Group for production of plastics.

Total Petrochemicals has 21 production sites in Europe, United States, Asia and Middle East. Total Petrochemicals’ main European production plants are in Antwerp and Feluy in Belgium. Feluy is the largest integrated polypropylene production site in Europe with 1,2 mio tons.

Total Petrochemicals has six Research & Development centers and polymers are constantly renewed and updated.

Total Petrochemicals has a participation in the Futerro project which is producing PLA from biomass.

In 2011 Total Petrochemicals launched its Lumicene range, a portfolio of PE and PP products based on metallocene catalyst technology with outstanding transparency.