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MyResinex – new customer portal

In today's busy business environment, information needs to be quick and easy to access.

With that in mind, Resinex has developed a new customer portal - MyResinex.

MyResinex will facilitate the process for you to receive information, such as order status, documents, etc. This means that you can access your information 24/7!

MyResinex offers:

  • For you to check order and delivery status
  • Immediate access to all the documents you need (TDS, MSDS, RIS, FCA, etc.)
  • Information on products purchased in the past
  • For you to browse our entire product portfolio and use the filters to help you select the most suitable grade for your application

Under My orders, you can see and follow your orders. All order information such as the order status, quantity, product information, and more will be visible. If the price is set, this will also show. Moreover, you will also find COA and invoices connected to an order. Having all orders in one place, following their status, will help to plan for future orders.

You can also see all products you currently are buying or have been buying in the past.

More detailed information such as technical or mechanical properties for the product can also be found as well as, all kinds of documents such as TDS, MSDS, and more.

If a document is missing, a request to have it, can easily be sent.

Besides your products, you also have the opportunity to search among the complete Resinex portfolio to find a product that fits your needs.  

We will regularly add new functionalities to the MyResinex portal to make our customer experience even smoother.

Want to join MyResinex?

Please ask your local Resinex contact for an invite, and our sales team will arrange an invite for you to complete the setup process within 24 hours.