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Polymer Sales

RESINEX is a leading supplier of polymers for the rotational moulding industry, offering branded Natural polymers from it's partner Dow Chemicals and it's own range of Natural, Black and Coloured resins. In addition we offer a range of speciality polymers, such as Semi-conductive, Foaming PE and Flame Retardants. Our technicians have also created a range of Special Effect polymers. Based on standard RX branded materials these effects help customers differentiate their products from their competitors.

Please take a look at our products page for further information.


Coloured products are a key part of our product portfolio, so colourmatching and control is a frequently used service by our customers. Our team of expert colourists can provide a range of formulations, based on approval requirements, Heavy Metal content and cost for example. Our colourists can create a colour formulation that is suited to your requirements, accurate and repeatable.


We have created a pan-European distribution network based on several key manufacturing and warehousing sites. Combined with our substantial stock holding and dedicated logistics team, we can find solutions to your logistical problems.

Toll Processing

In partnership with our parent company Ravago, we utilise our production facilities in Belgium for our own production and for toll production. Because we have a large capacity, we can offer a reliable, flexible and efficient toll processing service. Ravago has over 45 years experience in the toll processing industry and has been offering toll rotomoulding processing services since 1994. Ravago offers toll colour compounding, dry-blending and ambient pulverising services and is equipped to handle everything from small lots to bulk orders.