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RESINEX Polymer Powders

RESINEX offers a wide range of polymer powders out of our own grinding facilities based in Arendonk, Belgium.

RESINEX offers grinding materials of high quality standards also as selected, qualified and certified raw materials. In combination with our technical service and the pan-European distribution network of the RESINEX Group, we can ensure high service standards, short lead times and the supply of high quality powders.

RESINEX offers as base resins for compounds or masterbatches:

  • LDPE powder (Low Density Polyethylene powder, medium, high, very high MFI)
  • HDPE powder (High Density Polyethylene powder)
  • LLDPE powder (Linear Low Density Polyethylene powder, based on C4, C6 or C8 raw materials with high or very high MFI)
  • EVA powder (Ethylene-Vinyl-Acetate powder)
  • PLA powder (based on biodegradable Ingeo™ biopolymer Poly-Lactic-Acid powder)
  • SAN powder (Styrol-Acryl-Nitril powder)
  • PC powder (Polycarbonate powder)
  • POM powder (Polyacetal-Copo powder)
  • PA 6 powder (Polyamide 6 powder, Nylon 6 powder)
  • Several other polymer powders

The RESINEX product offer for compounding is very extensive. RESINEX can offer base polymers with high flow and good processing properties, which are the best prime materials for helping compounders to produce outperforming compounds and masterbatches.