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Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry

RESINEX is a trustful partner for the medical and pharmaceutical industry, as a broad portfolio of unique polymers is available to meet the requirements of this strongly regulated market. For this reason special trusted brands are available, with the commitment to a long-term partnership and to serve the medical and pharmaceutical industry in the best possible way.

RESINEX is a preferred partner of polymer converters, producers and brand owners due to the fact that RESINEX is able to supply polymers throughout Europe as RESINEX sales offices are located in all European countries.

To meet the requirements of this growing market, a marketing and technical service team is especially dedicated to this segment, to be able to have a better understanding of the needs of this special industry and to give better service to our customers. This includes close cooperation during every step of product development, from material selection, suggestions for tool design, MoldFlow analysis, provide information about chemical resistance, advice for sterilisation suitability, production guidelines and by providing the required certificates for the several approval processes required for medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Examples of typical applications:

  • Medical device and drug delivery systems
  • Drug packaging and closures
  • Pumps and inhalers
  • Infusion components
  • Components for haemodialysis
  • Housing and covers for medical device
  • Catheters and wound care
  • Disposables

Additionally to medical and pharmaceutical applications, these polymers step in applications like diagnostics, laboratory and health care as for such applications, the polymers especially developed for sensitive applications, bring advantages to the finished product. Such advantages are: clean parts, long term availability, easy processing and benefits from available biocompatibility or food contact certifications as well as durability of the products.

Key features of polymers for medical and pharmaceutical:

  • Clean materials*
  • Easy processing*
  • Long term availability*
  • Available certifications*: Food approval (FDA, EU 10/2011), Drug Master File (DMF), European Pharmacopoeia (EU EP), biocompatibility US Class VI, or biocompatibility ISO 10993
  • Productions according to GMP* and/or clean room*

* Certificates are available on request only, not all certificates are available for all products. Please contact your local RESINEX dealer to receive more information.

Risk evaluation

The primary intention of RESINEX is to present a safe and reliable service to our customers and stakeholders. The intention is to keep the risk low for all involved parties, like the polymer producer, distribution, part manufacturer, OEM or brand owner and overall the end user or patient. Before selecting a material for your application, please contact your local RESINEX sales office to receive more information. RESINEX does not sell any polymers for implants.

The following polymers are available for production of Medical & Health Care applications (the product availability may differ in each country based on local Resinex distribution rights):

Properties summary for selected polymers:

ALTUGLAS® Medical Resins Polymethlymethacrylate (PMMA)

Altuglas International has produced polymers with outstanding properties and durability for 30 years. Especially developed for disposables, the resins dispose of excellent properties like brilliant optical properties, chemical resistance and are sterilisable. Furthermore these resins are easy to process and due to the outstanding melting properties the product is available for a wide range of applications and processing methods.

Available grades:

  • ALTUGLAS® Luctor CR 13 — high chemical resistance
  • ALTUGLAS® SG 7 — High flow
  • ALTUGLAS® SG 10 — Good flow, good impact resistance
  • ALTUGLAS® VS UVT — High UV transmission

ExxonMobil™ Polypropylene (PP)

ExxonMobil™ is an experienced producer of polypropylene suitable for injection moulded parts for use in medical devices and drug packaging.

This includes the homopolymer grades, ExxonMobil™ PP1013H1 and PP1014H1, which are specifically designed for the pharmaceutical market and are typically used for medical goods such as syringes, inhalators and pumps, packaging applications such as boxes, closures and dispensers. Additional application focus areas include the laboratory sector and diagnostics. In accordance with industry specific high hygiene requirements, these grades can be sterilised using steam or ethylene oxide.

ExxonMobil™ PP9074MED polypropylene is a random copolymer that exhibits good flow properties and high clarity, making it suitable for diagnostic applications, syringes and similar medical products. This grade is also designed to withstand high energy radiation, such as gamma rays, often used to sterilise moulded parts.

All grades are optimised for injection moulding.

Trinseo CALIBRE™ Polycarbonate (PC)

Trinseo produces special clean CALIBRE™ polycarbonate at the Stade (D) production unit. In the past years the quality in terms of transparency, yellowness and constant viscosity has been improved by consistent optimisation of the production. The production occurs in clean room conditions and following GMP.

The following series are available:

  • CALIBRE™ 2060-SERIES — suitable for steam and ethylene oxide sterilisation
  • CALIBRE™ MEGARAD™ 2080-SERIES — suitable for gamma radiation and electron beam radiation
  • CALIBRE™ MEGARAD™ 2090-SERIES — suitable for gamma radiation and electron beam radiation, with improved colour shift
  • CALIBRE™ 5000-SERIES – medical grade compound with 10% or 20% glassfibre

MAGNUM™  acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)

TRINSEO offers MAGNUM™ ABS which is produced in mass-polimerization. This production process results in several advantages:
  • Excellent base color
  • Coloration with reduced masterbatch dosage
  • Low volatile content compared to emulsion ABS

The following series are available:

EMERGE™ Blends (PC/ABS and PC/PET)

The EMERGE™ blends from TRINSEO are especially developed to meet the requirements of Medical Device and Medical housing manufacturers.

The following series are available:

  • EMERGE™ 7000 (PC/ABS) SERIES – good flow properties, colorability, UL 94 HB or V0
  • EMERGE™ 9000 (PC/PET) SERIES – Chemical resistance, high stiffness, UL 94 HB or V0


LG Chem offers a range of transparent ABS grades (M-ABS) which are suitable for several medical applications where transparency, ESCR resistance and good mechanical properties are required. Possible applications are: connectors, containers or IV components.

The following series are available:

  • TR557 - good transparency, high impact
  • TR558A – good transparency, general purpose
  • TR580 – Excellent ESCR and good sterilizability (full medical grade)


The above mentioned information is compiled according to our best knowledge and the knowledge available at the time of publication. Irrespective of this RESINEX does not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the information and assumes no responsibility regarding use and possible error. The information contained does not constitute any specification, parameters or guarantee of the properties of the products. This document is not a guarantee for the suitability of a particular purpose and fulfilment of specific requirements. It is the responsibility of the processor to consider the product’s suitability for the specific purpose.